"You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place. Like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again.” Azar Nafisi

lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Couch potato

I've been spending my whole weekend watching American series. I needed couch time. But you always can learn something, even from a marathon of series.
In this case I've learned, or just realized, human classic behaviors. For example, when someone tries to hide you something which could hurt you, they just kiss you and say: "I love you". And if you ask "Are you ok?" they just answer, "Yeah... I'm just tired".

The best part of watching series are quotes and the new songs that you can discover. I also like them for the handsome actors, the outfits and the production. But quotes and songs are my weak point. Today I've discovered both of them.

The quote says: "I guess it has to be something badly enough, then maybe getting your shins pummel, is a fair price". And here the new song; Skin by Zola Jesus. I have to admit, at the beggining I thought the singer was "Florence".

Have a good night *

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