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lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012


Hello dears,

I was working on my projects (one of them, yes...) and I've discovered lot of typo things this morning. Some of you know how typo addict I am. I need to take pictures of them everywhere and I love graphics with nice typos so today is about them.

1. Listen Katy Perry new hit; Part of me. I like this video with the fat typography at the rhythm.

Katy was nominated for two GRAMMYs but she couldn't get any of them. I like her but I have to say that the competence was really good. Btw, did you check her performance at the GRAMMY's? Crazy as her.

2. I found this typo-chocolates brand "TYPOLADE" by Fácil y Sencillo.

Check on the Blogsite all the special things you can do with these choco-letters. It's amazing!

3. If you are another typo-lover you cannot skip that website, I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY. You can find anything about typos. Articles, other sites, free typo things (that's important) and a lot of examples to inspire you.

I found that video about FUTURA.

FUTURA LE SPECIMEN ANIMÉ from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.

4. If you really love typography you cannot miss that documentary about Helvetica.

Documental Helvetica (VOSE) from Kangaes.TV on Vimeo.

A pleasure,

Jess Gon.

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