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lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

One ticket, please

Hello dears, 

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure to assist to the Brooke Fraser's first concert in Spain. 
She's a pop-rock-folk singer-songwriter from New Zealand, perhaps you've heard about her because her new hit Something in the water.

The story is I got free tickets for an acoustic concert in Barcelona. It was in a small and antique but pretty knowless place called Music Hall. I had to go with a friend, Doli, but someone stole her car (Fortunately she got it back today) and one hour before the concert I hadn't companion. I made some calls but nobody was avalaible at this time so, I decided to go alone. 

I have to say that I only knew her hit but I discovered a lot of nice songs like: Coachella, Who are we fooling? (feat. Aqualung),  Orphans, Kingdoms and my new favourite Betty. All of them from her last album, Flags. But she also played a cover, a very good one, Violet Hill of Coldplay.  

Brooke is tall (maybe more than 1,80...), beauty and stylish but the most important is that she has an incredible voice and a strong energy to play. The band had an amazing guitar's collection. Brooke played, at least, two different guitars, the piano and also she tied up some bells in her ankle to bring more rythym to my unexpected Wednesday's evening. 

There wasn't so much public and I'm pretty sure I was the most excited there because I was the only one who sing and boogied. I don't care. I had fun in that shitty day. So, thanks to Flaixbac for the free ticket and to Brooke and her band for play, at least, for me. 

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

yujuuu! puedo comentarte aún siendo una forastera :-P
No sé porqué, pero me ha recordado tanto a la visita catalana con sesión de cine incluida y zumos naturales, y mojitos, y pulseras artesanales... un concierto de una artistaza apenas famosa, es taaan Barcelona :)

Jess Gon dijo...

Te hubiera encantado. Y sé que hubieras venido conmigo sin pensártelo dos veces :)

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